Heart Physics Seminar


Coming Fall 2014! Please keep checking back for the dates!


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  1. Dear Sir/Mada;

    I have struggled into getting the connection and breakthrough in my life. I have had several dramas of abuse, injustices, and different losses of lives in my life and no matter how I tried to connect with the words of God, i just cant make the breakthrough. I live in the Philippines and I want to know, be equipped and live empowered and as an Ambassador of God especially that I also see some people going through the same drama as mine and all I can say is trust God and let’s bring it to prayer. I believe in God but how can I appropriate such benefits of His salvation.
    I do not have the resources to study your Heart Physics (that is one thing I am so upset also is this spirit of poverty just impedes my pursuits), may I please ask how can I just make that breakthrough and connection to God and live in His Kingdom here on earth.
    Thank you for reaching out to me. God bless you all..

    • Hi Gem,
      There are many ways to make the breakthrough, the Heart Physics Essential program is what I call the fast track to transformation but you can still achieve the same results by doing other things.

      The one thing you must understand is that the thing that is keeping you from walking in all that God has promised and provided for you is your heart beliefs…not your beliefs about God but your beliefs about yourself and who you are as a person. You can believe every word that God says about who He is and still not walk in the promises if there is something in your heart that says you are not worthy. Those kinds of heart beliefs are usually formed at a very young age on a subconscious level and you must deal with them at a subconscious level.

      Please contact me and we will talk about other things that you can do that will give you that break through.

      Pat Richards
      256-536-9402 ext 444

  2. Barbara Kauffman says:

    What is the address of location of seminar? I’m about to make reservations but have no info re:logistics of seminar location and my hotel room or a restaurant. I am puzzled by lack of seminar info for participants, of which I am one. I thought sure I would receive a packet in the mail with that information. I appreciate some help here. Thank you Barbara Kauffman

    • Hi Barbara,
      Good Point! The seminar is at Impact’s headquarters: 3516 S Broad Place, Huntsville AL 35805.
      Call (256) 536-9402 for any information related to lodging, restaurants, etc.

  3. Please send me more information on both seminar and Heart Physics coach. Thanks

  4. I would like to attend the Heart Physics Seminar in Oct.
    I do not see a place to sign up online for the early discount.
    Gerald Jantz
    World Changer
    I have purchase a number of the packages including two Heart Physics programs.

  5. Robin Raymond says:

    I am interested in more information about the seminar…..Thank you..

  6. Streaming Live ? awesome, but for us that are too far away ? can we watch the downloads,and please let me know what steps are to be taking to become a coach


  7. Jill Mauck says:

    I am interested in the Heart Physics Seminiar coming up in October. I see it’s from the 18th through the 20th. For the purpose of booking airline tickets, what is the schedule for the 18th and the 20th?

    Thank you,
    Jill Mauck

  8. I am very interested in the seminar and would like to receive any an all information about the event. my contact number is 618-567-6028 and my mailing address is
    p o box 6093 New Orleans, LA 70174

  9. Terri Robinson says:

    I am interested in both the upcoming seminar and information on the coaching certification. Do you have supplemental information not found here on the site? Anything would be helpful, than you.

  10. Elise Klepatz says:

    What are the requirements to attend this training and what is this training for? I have done the Heart Physics Essential program. I thought I remember reading that New Beginnings was needed also or another module.

  11. I would like more imformation on the upcoming
    advance Heart Physics Siminar. I would like to know how much it cost. Is it availible online? Thank you jana green

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