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Dr. James B. Richards is a bestselling author, teacher, theologian, and businessman. His success in these arenas has placed him in demand as a speaker and personal advisor to business, clergy, and political leaders. His personal process of emerging from years of pain, dysfunction, and deep bitterness has given him proven tools for success in life, ministry and business.

While he holds degrees in theology, human behavior, and medicine, Jim’s teaching is simple, well rounded, understandable, and easy to apply. The results have been proven in 30 years of personal, professional, and clinical application. The end-result of applying his teachings and methods? A peaceful, productive life of loving, meaningful relationships.

Jim is the president and founder of Internal Life Resources, an organization committed to developing people to fulfill their potential. As a pioneer in the field of personal transformation and through many years of groundbreaking research and clinical application, Dr. Richards has discovered the keys to unlock painless, permanent, positive transformation! Through a revolutionary program called Heart Physics he has combined spiritual insight with scientific and medical knowledge to develop a life transformation program that addresses the needs of the whole man.

He has doctorates in Theology, Oriental Medicine and Human Behavior with many certifications including as a substance abuse counselor, a detox specialist and a handwriting analyst.

Heart Physics is his life’s work. This program grew out of more than 30 years of personal application, experimentation, and clinical application. Nothing about this program was created or developed in a vacuum. All theories were tested in personal application, experimental volunteer studies, one-on-one counseling, and clinical application. There is an endless supply of testimonials to the effectiveness of this program.



  1. I’ve been a miserable believer for 36 years, am 60 years old, homeless, was a youth pastor, went to bible college, brought many to Christ, gave up my profession as an actor/singer/dancer on Broadway, in film and TV on the day I accepted Christ (dec 28, 1980). From the day I got saved I began to ruin my life, giving up what I loved doing and was very successful at in exchange for what I believed I had to be and do. Marriage, kids, and a home was something I never wanted but felt what was what God wanted. Now I hate myself, want to die. I have lost all hope in God for me.
    I have no steady income. I teach voice lessons and barely make $600 a month. Now and then I get a gig that pays me $50-$100 but the expenses eat that up. I went to prison for 39 months for something I didn’t even do but to be honest my 3 years there were the best three years of my life since salvation. I’ve been out 2 years now and nothing has worked for me. Most want nothing to do with me. I am a failure with a $10 million restitution over my head for which the govt. takes 20% of gross from every dollar I make.
    I never heard of Jim Richards until a few days ago from Mike Besson. He sent me a few links to watch.
    Frankly my heart is so messed up I am not sure I can handle the disappointment of failing at your program and teaching. Also I figure it won’t help me because I have no money. I’ve been in poverty my whole life and my kids are now in poverty. I hate my life. Lack of money has kept me from so much help that I need. I have no car, I ride a bike and take buses.
    Bottom line – even if your programs could help me I can’t afford them so the cycle continues. I won’t commit suicide but I long for death daily. Yet my death will cost my children money they don’t have. So I can’t afford to live or die. How sad is that?
    I have no friends, I’ve attended the same church for 22 years under Pastor Paul Goulet, was born into the Brooklyn Tabernacle in NY in 1980 under Pastor Jim Cymbala. I have no excuse but that my heart is a total mess and keeps causing failure at everything, being reinforced daily, manifesting failure in every area. I have created a living hell.
    I will continue to watch as many free videos I can find but I doubt I can be helped.
    Please pray that God will take me home or help me.

    • Please contact me personally, I am the Heart Physics Coach and no one is without hope. Just realize that if it was belief in wrong doctrines that got you to where you are, in your words “a living hell” then finding the truth and applying the truth to your life will take you to a place in life that God wanted us all to be. He did everything in Jesus to insure that we would have everything He promised.

      Pat Richards
      256-536-9402 ext 444
      Heart Physics Coach

  2. Hi
    I am trying to get the book Reprogram your DNA change your world.
    I am in the Uk and cannot seem to find any reference number etc, please can you advise
    Many thanks Julie

    • Hi Julie,
      We don’t have a book by that name. We offered a CD series on Sid Roth and My New Day called Change Your Heart Change Your World. That teaching series on our web site is called Wisdom for Healing and you can find it under the Heart Physics section in our web store.
      If I can be of help please email me personally.

  3. You mentioned that you took a course in photo reading. Could you recommend a course?

    • Hi Jeanne,
      The course that Jim talks about is “Photo Reading” by Paul Scheele. We have a couple of those in stock. You can call 256-536-9402 301 and someone will be happy to talk with you about this course

  4. I am trying to get the heartphysics tool cd and maybe some other cd`s but its not i see the products but they not bringing me to where i will be able to buy so i can sir please tel me where axactly to go for purchase please i really really want to get the tool a.s.a.p thank you.

    • HI Margaret, Sorry you are having problems. If you are trying to purchase from our Heart Physics web site if you scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Buy Now button that will take you to our http://www.impactministries.com shop. Or you can just start there and go into our shop and find all of Dr Richards’ book, series and programs there.
      Hope this helps,
      Pat Richards
      Heart Physics Coach

      • I cannot access the shop to purchase items either … it appears there may be problems with your website as often the website won’t even come up for impact ministries. I did send a facebook message several hours ago but have had no reply as yet. I too wish to purchase some product but there is no place to actually go to the shopping cart & complete the purchase….
        I have a pastor mentoringin me at present & she wants me to do the Emotional Debt course

        • Hi Ang,
          We do apologize for any inconvenience but we are having technical issues with our web site and are trying to correct them as quickly as possible. If you need to place an order please contact me.
          Pat Richards
          256-536-9402 ext 301

  5. Well How do I make a long story short! We were Lutherans at first, believed there was a God that sent his only begotten Son(Jesus Christ) when I was nine yrs old, I was kidnapped out of my bed whereing my school,dress I had on, long story short, the detectives& Sherrifs knew at this time he was after only me, I know God saved my life that night, he terrirized my family in what we called our Dream home, he knew everything, never came around when my father or older brother was home, wasn’t affraid of my mother! After they all left I was listening to what they had to say, he was coming back for me,I set at the bottom of the stairs crying & begging my mom to let me sleep in their room that night, my dad wanted to let me, but she said “you will be fine,go to bed”, never caught the guy! Then a 14yrs old the first guy I ever dated, if u could call it that, I was walking home from my friends house in the morning, I heard a voice say don’t go by his house, but was tired so I took a short cut, & there he was, he came at me,bent my arm so far back it felt like it was broken, he walked me to a school field in broad day light & beat me, I was very small for my age & still am, he was smart enough to hit me from my lower neck on down,kicking me with boots& hitting me over & over, I know it was The Lord that help me get to a friends house,she soaked in a tub,then I continue to cover every area of my body, so no one would found out, he said if they did “he would kill me” over 4 weeks later I was home alone assuming that most of the bruises were gone, but my brother walked in,I was getting a pair of Jeans out & when my brother saw all the bruises, he said I going to kill him,my brother had a heart of gold, of course he wouldn’t of, but I begged him not to go, cause I told him he will kill me,this guy was 6’3 200 pounds, I was 4’11 weighed about 90 pds! I called my brother my protector! He also told no one in the family, I begged him not to! Then not much later I was at a party where my brother was & he told jerry to take me home, the only one he trusted but for some reason he couldn’t, the guy that took me home popular in school,wealthy,but something always gave me weird feelings about him,at first he it look like he was taking me home but drove into dark woods where I couldn’t even tell where I was, he raped me or if I didn’t go along with it, he told me then get out & I hope u make home alive! By this time my parents were born again Christians, I went to a camp, & we were at the chapel that night with a guest speaker,I was sobbing, I thought he kept looking at me& then he talked to one of the guy’s that came with him,the next thing I know,he came up to me & said The Lord has a word for u, but he said he struggled at first thinking what is she going to think! I thought to my self being 15yrs old this is the first adult that seemed to care what I thought! It was so full of kids that we felt like we were packed in like sardines! All of sudden it was like roof top lifted & God’s glory was shinning down upon me, as he was,speaking things only God could of known,said I have a great calling & The Lord knows everything I have been through! Since then I have lived my life for Jesus Christ walked away from it all,stood my ground with the Love of Jesus, I have so much Love for all people, I don’t judge them,I love on them,lots of strangers! No one knew about the other Traumas, not even my sweet brother that protected me, I knew he would be mad & tell my parents! I had two wonderful brothers,3 sister’s but the brother that knew about the beating we were only 1yr&7 months apart, then I lost him in a tragic car accident, he as 26 yrs old & died on Dec.26th! I did what The Lord told me to do, which was not to date until he brings the man of God along for me,& he would let me know! My husband & I have married over 34yrs now, but we have been in a very long storm,since my daddy died,& I was a daddy’s girl,he died only ten days after my only daughter got married! We lost,everything, I have been hit by a drunk driver & then an Herion addict, I forgive them, but when my husband became so ill,he had an emergency open surgery for a major valve,we were doing his pre-op,got,a call that my mom was dying,didn’t get there in time to say my good bye but the Christmas before the Holy Spirit told me to go to see her, that she is not letting go cause she believes she has done too much wrong for Jesus to forgive her& to me, but I told her “mom I forgave u along time ago & Jesus loves u, if u have asked for forgiveness, u will be seeing daddy,& our Nicky! I felt The Lord laying on my heart to write the story of my kidnapping, which is like a horror story, something always stops me! Been reading Joseph Prince book”The Power of Right Believing” which is really helping me besides being in the word, but a friend told me about Dr.Jim Richards-heart, cause for some reason my heart keeps breaking, I already have learned that burying your traumas or hurts is not healing!! I want to help victims to know,they are survivors, & that the enemy is the accuser, but Jesus loves them no matter what! I also heard hurting word’s from my mom growing up like” you talk to much & who could stand to be around you,also when she would see me loving on strangers,she made a comment”you are so foolish,I said why,she said cause u don’t see the bad in people just the good” now I know that doesn’t go along with what Jesus teaches us! My husband & I have been in a long storm,I might get knocked down but I get back up! But when I listen to such loving godly music & sometimes just being alone my heart keeps breaking & I don’t know why? I love Jesus so much, I just want his glory to be revealed, plus we don’t have any money to buy his cd’s! I know I wrote the longest testimony so far, plus there were more traumas in my life, that I didn’t even bring up! I am sorry if this page is not for something like this & I am sorry for talking or writing so much! God Bless! Pray for me & my husband!!:)E

    • Please contact me. God spoke to me about the Heart Physics program many years ago and told me that this was the tool He could use to heal my heart. He can do the same for you.


  6. I’m doing put off put on and I just finished and am starting the video and I’ve watch that I went to get ditgital work book and i can’t get it to read. my computer keeps saying unable to read disc.I’m so anxious to keep going and beside myself what to do? I have tried on another computer with no luck again.Is it possible you could mail a digital work book to me? I will pay for it? I just do not know what I’m doing wrong and I’m so busy and wanting to get into this.Thank You so much for your time.

  7. I purchased a while ago but only recently listened through the audio program (#1-8)of Wisdom For Healing. It is life changing and I thank Dr. Richards so much for speaking these truths!
    He spoke of some of the supporting materials – like the “9 Virtues” meditations, the “I Believe In God” meditation, and then the
    4 or 5 Heart physics meditations, workshop program to learn how to Put Off, Put On. I have purchased the Heart Physics program, so are these meditations in there? I can’t seem to find them in all the programs that I have purchased or on your website. Can you help me find these supporting materials?
    I am battling some serious health issues and believe the answer is in the truth of putting on, putting off. I need help now in the walking out of all this info… : )
    Can you also recommend any of Dr. Richards books on health/Oriental Medicine/naturopathic medicine/Quantum physics ? I am hungry to learn more truth as it applies the Word of God to our life.
    Thanks so much.

  8. Jim, as we meditate, is it beneficial to have relaxing music playing softly in the background? I know that when I hear good music, it causes me to think more positive pleasant thoughts very easily.

  9. I am trying to find where I can order The Prayer Organizer book and CD teaching series.
    I love Dr. Richards teachings and have most of his books.

    • You can call 256-536-9402 ext 301 or 306 and we will glad to help you with that.

  10. I’m very interested and am currently reading wired for succes…programed for failure. I’ve known the Lord for 37 yrs divorced after 27 yrs anger prob ,success probs, diagnosed w terminal cancer 4 yrs ago given 6 mos t live, u name it i’ve been thru it. Ministry for 25 yrs from catholic t ultra charismatic. Spent years trying t change untold info but alas no change same ol same ol’. So u’ve got my interest I’m 58 y should i spend 250$ on somebody promising same thing’s i’ve heard for 37 yrs as a committed beleiver? Lookin forward t ur response. Paul

    • Hi Paul,
      The heart is like an automobile ignition. The engine may be big and welltuned,
      the tank may be filled with high octane fuel, the tires are top of the
      line, and the paint job is impeccable; but without an ignition to light its fire,
      all you’ve got is a well-built paperweight. The car looks good, but doesn’t really
      do anything. In our Christian life we’ve got truth, we’ve got doctrine, we have
      volumes of knowledge but let’s face the dismal reality … too often, it’s not
      working as it should. Even when we manage to get aspects of the Word of God
      to work, it’s kind of hit and miss. We’re not really sure why it does or doesn’t
      work! We are lacking the consistency that should be present in a God that is
      never contradictory or chaotic.
      In today’s religious quagmire, spirituality gives way to intellectualism!
      Control has replaced power! Mysticism is the new miraculous. Positive thinking
      is the fad substitute for faith in the heart! We are told to close our eyes, confess
      the truth a million times, be full of remorse for of all our sins and if God is in
      a good mood the last anointed prayer prayed over us might kick in! This 21st
      century gospel doesn’t even resemble the message of Jesus or the early church.
      What we call spiritual is so bizarre we’re embarrassed for our friends to see what
      we do in church. Unlike Jesus who performed miracles out in the open among
      the lost, we hide behind church walls because what we do only works with
      those initiated into the club, who speak the language and have bought into the
      culture! What’s worse is the absence of a personal moral lifestyle that should be
      the organic expression of our belief in Jesus Christ. We know we have the truth;
      it just doesn’t show in our lives!
      Taken from Moving Your Invisible Boundaries by Jim Richards

      Please contact me.
      Pat Richards
      256-536-9402 ext 444

  11. I’m so excited to share that God walked me into health freedom by the death and resurrection of Christ though your (Dr. Jim Richards) interviews on the Sid Roth radio show! The food sensitivities I’d battled for years disappeared within a week of throwing off my burdens, and heavy metals started leaving! Relentless fatigue was gone after I simply put off my own strength and put on the Lord’s. The list goes on, and I’m so thankful. I’d been working with an ND, and had lots of documentation of these and other problems, and got to share the total Gospel with her. It was great. God is so good!

    Now, a question (please???): Do you have any experience with people walking out of pregnancy morning sickness? I feel, perhaps, my symptoms are related to a lackadaisical attitude or temper I tend to allow. Because of early onset and previous pregnancy experience with severe, debilitating nausea, I’m really vascillating between reliance on God alone and seeking help from within the natural world. Not that getting medical help is necessarily wrong–but it sure does make more sense to go to God alone, first!

    Now I get to surrender my self-conscious embarrassment for asking such a personal question on a web form… desperate times call for desperate measures! Sorry. Thanks for any guidance you can offer.


    • Hi Whitney,
      I am Pat Jim’s sister and I usually take care of most of these kinds of questions. I actually talk to people about our Heart Physics programs. I can’t say that I have talked with any one about being healed of morning sickness but I believe that God can do anything! I have talked with people that have walked away from life long illnesses and problems so I have no problem believing that this would not be to hard of a thing to ask. But I also don’t see any problem from seeking relief from many natural methods either. God designed out bodies to function in certain ways and many times due to our own diet or stress in the body our bodies get off balance. I don’t think it takes anything away from God to be healed one way over another.

      Please contact me at email address below and we can discuss this more at your convenience.
      Pat Richards
      256-536-9402 ext 444

  12. Dr. Richards, I attended your “Limitless Marriage” teaching at Gateway Church, in NRH, TX with my husband last night. Just wanted to THANK you for being yourself and sharing your testimony. I have a couple of seemingly disconnected questions. In your work on healing from whom you perceived yourself to be to who you are in Christ, did you have to do any “inner child” work? Also, have you come across or had personal experience with art therapy (effective or non-effective or neutral)? BTW – my husband and I fought all the way to your speaking engagement. Of course, it was all his fault. 🙂 Your teaching greatly encouraged us in our marriage (12 years – though we are in our 40s and 50s). We thoroughly appreciated your style, your wit and how genuine and transparent you are. We took away encouragement and tools to reconnect. Thanks.

  13. I’m on CD #6 of 8 CDs in Dr. Jim’s Heart Health series. He references several times the “Prayer of Transformation” and to visit his website to download the prayer. I wasn’t able to locate it using the search method.

    Please advise how I might find a copy of this prayer to download. Thank you.


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